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About Us

About Us

Our family has been privileged to live with, care for, and work in harmony with elephants for over 45 years.  Our relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. The efforts to expand elephant education, knowledge and conservation has brought us numerous professional accolades and recognition. The innovations of care and husbandry of elephants have spread around the world and benefitted myriad other elephants in human care. The elephants at our preserve are ambassadors, educators, cultural icons, movie stars and the darlings of their community and their many fans. Together this elephant family is determined to move ahead with a strong purpose to inspire and connect people with the majesty of elephants.

It is our mission to preserve Asian elephants by building awareness, understanding and community consensus for conservation in living partnership with our elephant ambassadors.

Their native habitats are under constant threat. Elephants are forced to compete with humans for resources, causing human-elephant conflict where the elephants pay the price. Combined with security threats from poaching, these environmental challenges create a world where the only future for elephants is in managed care. Elephants' survival depends on nurturing from us, their guardians and their ability to touch peoples' lives. Elephants in human care play a significant role in saving this endangered species from extinction.

Contact, Caring, & Conservation

We offer the unique experience of meeting elephants in person. Looking into an elephant's eyes fosters an awareness that you simply cannot get through television or any other medium.  These opportunities will help ensure the survival of this endangered species.

The elephants receive excellent hands-on care and a comprehensive exercise program at our preserve.  Painting and other art projects provide a great deal of the intellectual stimulation our elephants thrive on.

Group of People with Elephants in a Conservation Area
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